Frequently  Asked  Questions

1.***How do we book My PhotoWebMagic?
Call us on 770-990-2589 770-990-2589 for a no-obligation chat, also

Skype ID: othiess1


And fill FormFILL out the FORM      

We’ll explain what makes the  experience so different. Then if you want to book, we’ll arrange a date and time for you to come in for your shoot, also you can send your own photos for  just Website-without shoot.

2.***How many photos do you take during a typical shoot?
Hundreds! We edit down to show you the best. you can send your photos on email or Skype for  your Website.

3.***How long does the shoot last?
Each one is different. But it’s unusual for a shoot to last less than an hour or more than two hours. We won’t rush you, though.

4.***How soon after the shoot can we expect to see the pictures?
It's usually about a week. Every picture is worked on by our retoucher to make sure you look your best. You’ll be invited to a preview show to see your images.

5.***What shooting style do you use?
Typically we shoot a mix from … everything from more candid, reportage-style photos to high-fashion to suit you and your style.

6.***Can you do specific photos?
Of course. Just ask!

7.***How soon after the shoot will we get our finished photos?

Usually about a week, but it can be up to 2-3 weeks for hand-finished photo books.

8.***Can I pay in installments?

Yes. As long as the balance is paid before collection of finished prints or albums.

9.***Can we have a CD with our images? Can we have a DVD of our pics? Can we have big enlargements or canvas wraps? Or other fine art prints?
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! If what you want isn’t in our standard price list, just ask!

10.***Do you shoot weddings?
We do.

11.***Can I bring my pet?
If you like!  We can accommodate you and your pet and we know you’re coming!

12.***Do you come to the home?

Yes, we’ll photograph you wherever you want.

13.***Where is your studio?

14.***Do you do my make-up as part of the photo shoot?
We’d prefer you to come wearing your normal make-up. If you do want a professional stylist or make-up artist, this can be arranged at additional cost.

15.***How long do you keep my images?
We will keep all your images for a minimum of one year, but we have images on file going back for many years!

16.***How much do My Life photographs cost?
We offer a wide range of display options that come in different sizes and formats to give you a striking feature in your home. As a guide, a black and white or color image in a stunning hand-made frame costs $125 . If you find another client - you can get 20% off!

17.***Who owns the copyright on my images?
Copyright to all images taken at your session. If you want to purchase additional products then please contact us.

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                                                                                                Olga   Theiss 

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